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The CharityPress community was named a “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s. We beat Oprah. And, Mashable named CharityPress something like that.

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The Globian Fund for Charities seeks positive change around the world through support of non-profit organizations dedicated to social, cultural.

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Our agency has been present for over 30 years. We make the best for all our children.

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What We Do

It allows you to gather monthly subscriptions from fans to help fund your creative projects. They also encourage their users to offer rewards to fans as a way to repay them for their support.

Our Team

It allows you to gather monthly subscriptions from fans to help fund your creative projects. They also encourage their users to offer rewards to fans as a way to repay them for their support.

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 About us

Coach bill leadership academy, was created in 2017, on behalf of william douglass pittman, who was fondly known as “coach bill”

What is it?

 “coach bill” is a leadership and empowerment program focusing on practical life skill builiding that promotes academics, social and cultural awareness and entreprenurial opportunities to identified disadvantaged communities that are impacted by poverty, illiteracy. Racism, sexism, ageism, substance abuse, and physical and mental illnesses.

What we do at coach bill

“coach bill” creates opportunities that prepare participants to sucessfully re-integrate as contributing members to the workforce providing 

 self development skills and opportunities,  cultural research & recognition & appreciation, avenues for  sustainabilty and hands-on entreprenueral practices .


Who is william?

William douglass pittman was a teacher, fitness trainer, althlete, uncle, brother, son, who made a phenomenal impact on countless children he taught during his tenure. At the time of his tragic death, he was in the process of transistioning his teaching to special education students, many of whom, had challenges academically, socially and mentally, within traditional school settings.

Who established this scholarship?

due to the genorosity of profesor emeritus, dr. Allan, and dr. Dorthy calvin, the william douglass pittman endowment scholarship fund was established. To date, four scholarships have been awarded to low income students attending the programs provided by the colleges involved, san mateo county community colleges foundation provides the philanthropic support that helps san mateo county community college district students take full advantage of the programs and services at the three colleges of the san mateo county community college district: cananda college , college of san mateo, and skyline college. Coach bill attended the college of san mateo and worked at the  jazz station.  The foundation provides funds for 100 plus programs at the three community colleges. dedicated to ensuring student success. Programs supported by the foundation include: the stem center at cananda college

Promise scholars program at ssan mateo community college district

Project change- bridging the gap from incarceration to education

Veterans resource center-skyline college

Four scholarship in the name of william douglass been awared to students from those colleges..

Our  vision

Vision: to fully utilize the talent and create global awareness of the african american and african in america.to recognize and celebrate contributions globally.

Our objectives

In 2017, coach bill leadership academy, a 501 (c) (3)   located in san francisco’s bay view hunter’s point, formalized a collaborative agreement with 1,2,3,sanctuary,ojemba, women in power; entrepreneurs, enugu , village,to provide an additional  strategy to boost academic achievement and better prepare students to join the modern workforce. We understand that the events in a community spill over into the classrooms and impact the learning and one of the issues we address is cultural awareness, which begins with a genealogical study and identifying family culture. This concept is reinforced with the opportunity to travel the diaspora and experience authentic african lifestyles as we are immersed in culture and history, and able to apply leadership skills learned in the academy. 

Bayview hunters point

The story of bayview hunter’s point continues to unfold and this story of transformatiion must be preserveed wwile looking to the future,


Justification of need

The state of achievement gap

‘’according to the department of states stanford public policy forum articles, “why is san francisco the states’s worst county for black student achievement?’ according to the data, nine out of ten black students have failed reading and math exams. And that san francisco, a progressive enclave and beacon for technological innovation, has the worst black student achievement of any county in california.

The problem in san franciscois that “there are huge gaps between black kid’s scores and those of their white peers.”  According to the report, one strategy to boost academic achievemnt is to better prepare students to join a modern workforce is a citywide focus on science, technology, engineering and math instruction, accompaning that objective is  “ a vision that strongly communicates to children and families of san francico  that the adults of this city care about their futures. 


If the students are failing, the need for intervention is prevalent prior to approaching the learning curve required to attempt to approach science, technology, math, etc. The language of these sciences must be comprehended.  “ once that relationship exist and the students buy into the idea that their school work matters, that black lives matter, the journey, a passion for learning, begins.

Identifying and address the solution

Culturally  relevant curriculum innovative, creative, consistant, reliable, productive, production with  lessons drawn from the student life experience. “ the teacher the student, the student the teacher”

Coach bill leadership academy programs addresses the problem of black student achievemrnt and provides the link required to prepares students for success and entry into programs such as scienc, technology, engineering and math instruction.

We offer services to school age , youth, adult, and elderly populations.

 our philosohy and intrpretation is that , “each one, teach one. ,” this it is based on the concept that each participant understainds their value, self-worth and contributions to the collective whole, and subsequently, “each one has a responsibility to share their knowledge and make a positive impact on the lives of others,’through a series of leadership processess.

Our services include: travels to africa e.g nigeria, ghana, south africa and to the us san francisco.

More about us: we are a multicultural team led by american & african professors and hospitality experts. Our team is comprised of a consortium of state government personnel, security and community members, with international clientele experience. We operate in conjunction with the nigerian and american embassies and have a unique and organized team of security personnel that provide 24-hour services. Our most recent success has been our aility to afford four students university scholarships. Additionally, for the past four years, we have conducted medical missions in the village of akpugo community, and provided medical supplies and equipment , free exams, and health screenings to villagers over a three day period.

One of our key objectivesis to expand opportunities for international communities to engage in business development activities through our women in power: entreprenuerial program, and to provide avenues for local residents to participate in revenue generating and business development opportunities that will nurture international partnerships.

;one step at a time.


  1. Culture and self-healing through art
  2. Mindfulness millinery. Make your hat
  3. English is my 2nd language and i don’t know my first
  4. Memoir writing. “ finding my voice”
  5. Women in power: indigenous clothing

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Pat mitchell is…an award winning english as a second language instructor, a milliner, a philanthropist, a historian of african american history and culture and a community activist.